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Jun 7, 1982 May 27, 2024

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Alex who?”

“Alexplain later. Now shut the hell up!”

~ Alex Christopher Robertson

Born to Beverley Anne Corey (Curia) and Mark Edward Robertson, Alex Christopher Robertson burst onto the scene in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 7, 1982. He hollered almost every waking moment for the first 3 months of life, then finally settled down as a snuggly loving child. Alex was always tuned in to the emotions of others, empathizing with their pain or sadness and trying to find ways to comfort or cheer them up.

Alex is the younger brother of Anthony (Tony) Edward Robertson. Even though there was only 18 months in age separating the two, Tony towered over the Short Kid by a full head most of his life. But size never stopped Alex from becoming super strong and muscular.

Alex was born to be a natural athlete. From the age of 2, he could hit a baseball to the neighbor’s yard. Baseball became the sport that bound the brothers together from childhood into parenthood. Alex won a trophy in 1992 for the Most Spectacular Catch when he and Tony played Little League on the Dodgers team. Tony had called to catch the ball, but Alex ran from the other field and dove in front of his brother to catch it. Tony was mad, but had to admit, the catch was spectacular.

Two years later, Alex was selected to play in the league’s World Series.

Not only was Alex a talented athlete, he was extremely good at mathematics, making calculations in his head faster than others could punch in the numbers in a calculator. He loved to learn and was a fountain of information that spewed randomly from his matter-of-fact mouth.

Like the rest of his family, Alex enjoyed diverse genres of entertainment, such as movies, video games, motorcycles, marksmanship, and anything related to the glorious outdoors.

He was introduced to hip hop and funk music when his mother took the boys to their first concert at the Salt Lake City fairgrounds to see Digital Underground, featuring the upcoming artist known as Tupac. This experience shaped his love for music, awesome dance moves, and booming bass speakers.

Together, Tony and Alex conquered the streets of Salt Lake City, riding their bikes as far as 20 miles from home, sneaking into places they didn’t belong, and getting kicked out by security guards from the mall. Alex once stole a pack of gum from a store and then spent a month trying to distract his mom whenever she watched America’s Most Wanted because he was scared to death that he was going to be featured on the show.

See you in Canada, dear Squirrel. Go Kiss a Moose.

The brothers were separated when Tony went to live with their mom in Ohio in 1994 while Alex remained in SLC with their dad. It was a difficult parental decision that left both boys missing each other for the rest of their lives. But they made the best of it, with alternating visits across the country. On one such occasion, Alex was visiting in Ohio. He told his girlfriend that there was nothing to eat, so she sent him a letter with $20 to get him some food. He had failed to mention that there was plenty of nutritious choices in the house --- just no snacks or sweets!

Alex attended Brighton High School and began working at a grocery store when he was 14. Since that first job, Alex always worked hard. He became the youngest person to ever manage the Brinks coin room, handling millions of dollars in coins every day. As he grew into a man, he eventually entered the construction industry and became one of the best boom crane operators in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alex found his true passion in life at the age of 19 when he became a father. He absolutely loved being called Dad. He was patient (for a long time, until he wasn’t!) and funny. Instructional at all times. And when he disciplined his kids, he always explained what the behavior problem was and reassured them that even though they messed up, he loved them unconditionally. Ask anyone who knew Alex what they thought of him, and they will always say “he was a great dad.”

And Alex was freaking hilarious --- whenever his children would ask him where they were going, Alex always said, “Canada.”

And then, just like his dad, he would laugh because he cracked himself up.

Alex never got tired of a joke --- twenty years later, he bought his girlfriend white footie pajamas with a red maple leaf on the front, and on the back, in bold red letters, the word “CANADA.”

Alex’s mom told him at a young age that if anyone asked, tell them he got his good looks from his momma. And that’s what he always said, until one year when he said, “Mom, if I get my good looks from you, how come I look exactly like my dad?” And he laughed, and he laughed ….

He was the epitome of thoughtfulness, always personalizing gifts, poems, and cards in a way that left the recipients speechless. For Mother’s Day this year, he found a card that said, “I got it from my mama…”

As a typical Gemini, Alex had two distinct sides to his personality, and regardless of the one that he displayed at the moment, he could argue with his other self, whether for fun or when trying to make serious decisions. He was brave and responsible, yet simultaneously feared that he was a failure and acted recklessly, which ultimately contributed to his short time on Earth.

Alex passed away at home on May 27, 2024, after numbing his feelings just one time too many.

There was no use in trying to figure out why. As Alex would say, “It is what it is.”

Alex was a soul to be treasured, and we will cherish the moments we had with him for eternity.

Alex is survived by his mother Beverley Davis (Jimmy Davis), father Mark E Robertson, brother Tony Robertson (Lora Jean Shaw), his precious and adored sons, Riley Alexander, Kade Anthony, and Drew Allen Robertson, nephews Anthony Alan Robertson, Donald Corey Robertson, and Jacob Jones, and niece Bridget Marie Robertson.

Alex also leaves behind the love of his life, Felice Marie Cristiano Maguire, and her daughters Marley Jade and Mia Lillian, and his stepsister Channelle Lore’ Lowe (Allen Lowe) and her children Cody and Ashley Lovelis.

And of course, Loki, his awesome silver labrador.

There are so many more family members who dearly loved Alex.

Grandmother Barbara Joan Hata Phillips, who gave Alex his love of Japanese culture, grandparents Rosemary Moran and Gerald Joseph Corey, who took in both boys as if they were their sons instead of grandsons and instilled in them a love for the outdoors and all the bounties and responsibilities that came with being stewards of the Earth, Aunt Deanna and Uncle Bob, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Perry, Aunt Sue, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jeff, Uncle Kitt and Aunt Laurel, first cousins Arlo, Leland, Adena, Gideon, Annie, Ashley, Christopher, Shannon, Stevie, Travis, Eden, Ben, Sam, and Nate, and dozens of second cousins and great (and great-great) aunts and uncles.

Celebration of Life

Sunday, June 16, 2024

3:00 PM - 7:00 PM

8427 Strato Dr

Sandy, Utah 84093

In lieu of flowers, we humbly ask these things:

• Consider donating to to help Riley relocate, and to provide some financial support to all of the children and his fiancé as they begin a life without their source of light and laughter.

• Find ways to raise people up emotionally and spiritually when they are suffering.

• Be kind. Life is too short to be petty.

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